Virtual Archive

Virtual Reality Experience


Virtual Reality
User Experience


7 weeks


Jingyi Ge
Grace Cai


Everyone has a box full of memories, containing different important items from the past. Virtual Archive is a mixed reality memory box where users can see shared memories visualized in virtual space. Users can shake the box to make the object move, and in this way move the object they want to observe in front of them to observe the details and materials of the object.


Most of us has a box full of memories, containing different important items from the past...It could be some tickets, favorite toys, memorable photos, etc.As time goes by, these items may disappear. The type on the ticket may fade, the toy may be damaged, and the photo may be whiten.

What We Do

We created a permanent box that exist in a mixed reality. The box will contain items from personal memories, and it will serve as an digital archive that corresponds to reality in the virtual world.


Regarding the choice of box material, we use the frosted clear acrylic to express the idea of haze. It will be difficult to observe and see what is inside the box from outside, which makes the user curious about.

Working Process

We used Polycam to scan our precious, favorite items and put them into memory boxes built in unity.
Polycam is a 3d scanner app. Users can scan the real-life objects. Polycam can catch the object's details well, and show the colors. However, sometimes it is hard to catch the details of small objects, and users need to find a correct way to scan the whole project, otherwise, the final result will have a big mass compared with real objects.

How It Works?

In reality, there is a real box. The user can see through the eye holes in the box, and able to rotate and shake the object to make it move. In this way, the user can observe and explore the details of the object.

How To Play?

As the user start to look into the box, at first the interior will be dark, you can barely see anything. but as you move or rotate the box, there will getting lighter.We placed the box in the bedroom, and through the transparent material of the box, we can see the outside environment, adding more immersive experience.When the user is shaking and observing the objects, there will have a few sound effects when the objects hit the wall, wanted to bring some vividness to the user experience.