Online Interactive Experience


Virtual Reality
User Experience


14 weeks


Scent is an online interactive experience that explores the emerging technology to explore different ways of present senses. Scent is trying to help people who have anosmia which have no sense of smell to explore smell in the game that people already embed. In Fortnite island, players can visually experience smells in 3 Diptyque iconic perfume scenes.  The aim is to combine two dissimilar brands into one concept.


Current digital creation cannot fully experience all the senses. And there is approximately 3 percent of Americans suffer from anosmia(no sense of smell) or hyposmia(minimal sense of smell). For them, the olfactory experience is very difficult, they can only experience very strong smells. As a fragrance brand, Diptyque has a large number of different perfumes, and will hold offline fragrance exhibitions from time to time to promote perfumes, so I see some possibility of collaboration.


How may we create an interactive experience in the game that already know to help people who have anosmia and hyposmia to explore smell ina different way.

Brand 1

Founded in Paris in 1961, Diptyque has quickly conquered the world with fragrance.Each creation of Diptyque is the unique taste of the three founders’s travel memory and life in the real creation.

Brand 2

Fortnite is an online video game developed by Epic Games and released in 2017. It is available in three distinct game mode versions that otherwise share the same general gameplay and game engine: Fortnite Battle Royale, Fortnite: Save the World, and Fortnite Creative.

Experience Walkthrough

In Fortnite island, players can visually experience smells in 3 Diptyque iconic perfume scenes. Players can also collect scent crystals from 3 scenes to generate their own scent.


"A memory from the holy forests of Indochina, and the velvety, milky scent of sandalwood burned in temples. Yves Coueslant, one of diptyque’s founders, has never forgotten this fragrance from his childhood illustrated by stately sandalwood from Mysore."
In this scene, I wanted to create a more Asian feel, so I used similar temples and bamboo to express the scene. There are also bubbles around it to show the flavor.


"A different take on the rose, the eau de parfum Eau Rose reveals a completely new dimension of the flower – more faceted, more exuberant. In this composition, extracts and absolutes of damascena and centifolia roses amplify the flowers’ intensity. Firad rose essence is added to this duo, with its astonishing fruity accents of litchi, and its unexpected, yet naturally present, notes: the honeyed accents of camomile, and a singular, green, vegetal accord of artichoke. After all, the perfumers say, “a good rose always smells of artichoke”. A surprising sidestep inspired by the fantasies of nature, for a rose with a vibrant and exhilarating character. "
The taste of this EAU ROSE is different from the usual rose fragrance, revealing a whole new dimension to the flower - more faceted, more exuberant. So I wanted to convey the flavor with colorful minerals and musical notes that jump around.e


"Paris in the early 60s. The Saint-Germain quarter was alive with the rhythm of all-night sessions in jazz clubs and artistic encounters. People would discuss the world, dance and laugh in a warm atmosphere as vibrant as it was elegant ... Orphéon was one of the bars, filled with joyful effervescence, where the three founders of the nearby diptyque boutique liked to meet. Today, paying tribute to this era and to creative friendships, the bar is immortalised in the olfactory portrait that bears its name: Orphéon."
The name of the scent comes from a jazz bar where people would talk, dance and chat together, so I set up a scene where players could also chat and make friends together. Let the player have a feeling of being there to experience the atmosphere brought by this smell.

04 Crystal Pool

Players can collect crystals in the previous three scenesFinally placed in the crystal pool, it can produce its own visual fragrance.


01 Research

Approximately 1 in 8 Americans over age 40 (up to 13.3 million people, or 12.4 percent of the population) has measurable smell dysfunction.Approximately 3 percent of Americans have anosmia (no sense of smell) or severe hyposmia (minimal sense of smell).The prevalence of any type of smell impairment increases with age: 4 percent in Americans ages 40-49, 11 percent in Americans ages 50-59, 13 percent in Americans ages 60-69, 25 percent in Americans 70-79, and 39 percent in Americans ages 80 and above.The prevalence of smell impairment is higher in men, ethnic minorities (non-Hispanic Black and Mexican American), and in those with lower educational attainment and/or family income.

02 Moodboard

Simple, minimal, shiny surface
Real world cartoon, fantasy, unreal, high saturation

03 Exploration

Gravity Sketch

Gravity Sketch is a software that requires vr headset to be used together. It is very easy to get started and suitable for building scenes quickly. Can create the desired effect through different objects. GS as my initial scene building software is still very good, can roughly reproduce the scene I want.


I chose Blender as my main software because Blender is also a modeling software that can be quickly used, and the rendering effect of Blender is also in line with the effect I want.


In the design process, dalle was also used to find some scene inspiration. However, the pictures dalle finally produced are biased towards realism, which is somewhat different from what I imagined.

04 Final Outcome

Fortnite Creative

I chose to build it directly in Fortnite. Since Fortnite gives players the right to build islands, and my brand is also a collaboration between fortnite and diptyque, fortnite is more appropriate.In the build facility store provided by fortnite, I used limited materials to create the scene and gameplay I wanted.
Personal Reflection
In this class, students can bring their selected brand, and the teacher will assign a second brand for the design challenge based on the concept, how can we make collaboration between these two brands and explore different design tools to transform our concepts. My goal is to build out an online interactive experience. I first tried Gravity Sketch to quickly build my rough ideal scenes. Then imported it to Blender to make the prototype, develop more details of the scene, and get the most feeling I want. The final outcome I chose to present in Fortnite Creative, it was a challenge to use the limited assets from Fortnite to build out the whole scene. Besides these, I also tried to use Adobe Substance, Mixamo, Metahuman, and Sketchfab as design references.