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Adora is to help people who feel stressful and anxious, dare not to share they bad mood to surrounding people to have a place to talk about their worries, to make them feel there is someone listening and supporting them.
Why Do I Want To Do It?
With the development of information technology, the pace of life has become too fast, people may suffer from troubles, confusion and pressure from all sides. Maybe a little thing can put a person to rout. Also, in the last 20 years, the number of psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses such as PTSD has been on the rise. Therefore, I want to cure people with initial anxiety or stress through a virtual doll that can be communicated with.
Who Is It For?
The young age group of people (15’s-30’s) are suffering from stress, anxiety, and a hidden form of depression that can be cured to some extent by communicating with some people. Or someone confused, but afraid to open up to friends or family.

Experience Walkthrough

01 Jely

Jely is a virtual doll that doesn’t talk, just like a real doll. It will give the user a mental support role through visual reactions, like changing color according to color psychology, movement, and shape.

02 Journal

User can review their moments with Jelyin the journal. They can see what happened in the past. Users can also write notes on that day.

03 Me

Users can keep on track about their mental health, and sleeping situation every day. According to the data we collect and the stories talked with Jely, we will generate a monthly mood report for users.



Insights From User Research

People feel safe in mental health apps for sharing concerns
However, they will feel a little bit uncomfortable sharing private issues with people who don’t know
People usually want somebody who can listen to them, to interact with them
A lot of people don’t really talk about mental health problems, they just pass through.
Journal-like mood journal is a way of therapy that users write down their thoughts, it is just a kind of dump it somewhere. And later on, they read again, they will feel progressive and inspiring.

User Goals

Let people feel there are someone is listening to them, and supporting them
They can talk about their worries to others without any barriers
To be able to recognize the moment they talk with the system
To be able to see their mood fluctuation
To be able to learn about their mental health

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Other Features

Pro+ Services

$6 per month, and have Pro+ benefits•Freeusers will only have first month of free mood report•Professionalmood report every month•Professionalmental health analysis to learn yourselves better

Mood Report

A monthly mood report generates by the system for Pro+ users.
Statistic analysis
Journal notes